Becoming a career ready graduate


Monroe County GRADUATE

College graduate silhouette - career ready attributes

Ready For College. Career. Life.

Academically Ready

Academic preparation is about more than grades.


Learn the attributes that make for an exceptional student.
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Life Ready

Adulthood is a process, not a destination.


Learn what it takes to be prepared for life after high school.
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Civic Minded

Become a participant rather than an observer.

Your Community

Every career is part of a larger community, and every industry plays a role.
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Future Focused

Self-Awareness Is critical. You have to understand who you are before you can understand who you will become.

Developing Future Focus

Achieving your goals has as much to do with planning as with action.
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Workplace & College Ready

Prepare for the next stage of your life.

Education Never Ends

You can choose a formal education or acquire skills on the job. It's important to understand the education is a lifelong process.
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Financially Savvy

Success isn't measured in dollars, however anyone can create comfort and security with a little thoughtful planning.

Manage your Money

Budgeting, planning, using credit wisely, and saving regularly will help you build the foundation for your future.
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