For Employers

Make it easier to strengthen connections to educators and students to help grow the future workforce.

Reach more young people, in an efficient manner.

We know you may be contacted frequently by students, teachers and even parents to set up career exploration activities, and it may be difficult to keep up with the requests. On the flip side, we know some of you are not contacted but you have opportunities to showcase and are a great place to work for. By setting up the methodology and the means, we hope you’ll find ease in making connections efficiently and reaching more young people.

You’re in control of what you can offer.

Career awareness and exposure helps students make informed decisions about their futures so that when they’re ready to be job candidates, they know what they’re getting into and how to be successful in companies like yours. Career Ready Monroe programs allow you to determine what experiences you’d like to offer and on your own terms. It’s easy to post information you want schools and students to know about your business and then set up experiences that make sense for you.

Link to the present and future workforce.

Participating in Career Ready Monroe programs will allow students, parents and educators to learn about your business- who you are, what you do, the opportunities you have. You’ll meet young people and educators alike who are eager to learn from you and learn how they can be part of the solution, to be prepared for the future, meet employer expectations, and ultimately strengthen our communities. You will also get a sneak peek of your future workforce.