Public Administration

Compliance Officers/Licensing Examiners and Inspectors

Those who seek a job path without attending a 4 year college, can consider Compliance Officer or Licensing Examiners. These positions require a technical school certificate or associates degree. The job prospects will be strong into the future as all industries need to have system of maintaining compliance and licensing.

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Construction and Building Inspectors

Learning on the job is important in any profession, but it is specifically important when working as an inspector. Most positions in the field require only a high school education, but a license is often needed. There will always be a demand, as structures will always be a part of life.

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Television shows and podcasts have contributed to people loving to discuss and solve crimes. A career that allows you to do that is Coroner. Nearly every county in the United States have one. Applicants need at least a bachelors degree to be considered.

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