Strauser Nature’s Helpers

About Us

Strauser Nature’s Helpers is a commercial landscape and snow management company that services eastern Pennsylvania. Started in East Stroudsburg, we service the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley and the Lancaster Area with a high level of communication and professionalism for our customers and our staff.

Available Opportunities

Strauser Nature’s Helpers is a growing company with an industry that has increasing demand each year. Our company provides full time positions for those who can work hard and are willing to learn. We provide online training courses including video instructions on how to perform our services. We also provide many employee benefits such as healthcare, retirement programs, paid time off, and performance bonuses.
If you are looking to get started in an industry with little to no experience or education, you have the opportunity to reach high level management and leadership roles when you join our team. Apply on our website to get started.

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